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It’s frightening for most to be single in today’s world with a multitude of sexually transmitted diseases and morally bankrupt running amok. If that were not enough to worry about, there is something more horrifying lurking about, and once you do find that person you consider the love of your life, they may not be who you think they are.

“Congratulations on writing a wonderful, powerful book (Ghost Of A Rose). Yours is a very important story to tell – because it’s from a man’s viewpoint (not a perspective we hear from enough) and because the abuse/obsession is mental and emotional, which is far more common and far more insidious/long lasting than physical trauma. Good luck and all the best.” – Leslie Morgan Steiner (author of the New York Times Best Selling Memoir “Crazy Love”)

Within the throes of a madly passionate romance is the most ghastly soul rape conceivable. An American “Psychopathic” Love Story that exists in a world where nothing is real as perceived. Beneath the surface of what seems to be a fairytale romance is the outline for what may possibly be the perfect murder, and if you are naïve enough to think it can’t happen to you, you’re wrong… dead wrong.

Steven lives a life that most can only dream of. At a young age, he achieved fame in the music industry with the now iconic heavy metal band Slayer, and later as a world-renowned airbrush artist. He has everything that a man could want, except for what he desires most, which is, true love. A handsome, charming man that lives and breathes romance, Steven has been unable to find the one woman that can captivate his heart.

One glorious afternoon, Ashley stumbles into his life, and she is everything that he’s hoped for and dreamed of. Their story begins as a passionate, tender, and erotic tale of two people falling in love. The couple unites into a single family with children from previous marriages, and they build a loving home together. They are the “American Dream” come true. Happier than he ever imagined possible; Steven now lives for the woman he adores and the family they’ve become. Together they have the love that fairytales are made of.

Or do they?

On the surface, they are the quintessential portrayal of an enchanted romance, but underneath an illusion of ideal love is a transparent layer of lies and deceit. Unknowingly, Steven has become entrapped in the lethal world of a pathological psychopath.

This is the gripping true story of that man’s plight to save love while struggling to keep his sanity after having his soul raped by the woman he gave his heart to, and a life-shattering, eye-opening, romantic memoir that is insanity in the raw.

Live the story as the author experienced it, and feel every emotion as he fights to save love. What happens in the final chapter could never have been foreseen. The shocking ending is one that will not soon be forgotten.

“Dynamic personal stylized writing with a delivery that is painful as bloody hell. Brilliant!” – author Becky Reed