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The 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon has gone too far and there will be devastating repercussions in the future. This trend in literature will end up having adverse social and sexual effects. Woman are fantasizing about being dominated by men, however, do they know what domination truly entails? I doubt they really do. Most men that are dominating harbor a mental illness which turns into sexual and physical abuse. These men thrive on humiliating, degrading and torturing women. Yes, I said “torturing.” Domination play can be fun when done properly and on rare occasions, but men that need to dominate a woman to achieve pleasure and satisfaction suffer from many mental disorders. In other words, the man that gets off on punishing a woman is borderline psychopath. Is that what you want in bed with you? If you don’t believe me, ask women that have been involved in a relationship with a male that need to dominate in order to achieve satisfaction. They will tell you that they were physically abused, broken and tortured both physically and mentally. They were subjected to brutal sexual acts of violence and degradation. The backlash to the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon is going to be men reading the book because of its popularity with women. They are going to be reprogrammed into believe that abusing a woman is what turns her on and what she desires, and innocent women will be abused due to this way of thinking. Granted, most women like to be forcefully taken by a man, but there is a difference between forcefulness and abuse. Men will push the envelope and turn passionate forcefulness into an act of rape.

It’s true, there are times that I like to f*** my woman like a rag doll, which she enjoys as well, but for the most part, we enjoy the connection of passionate lovemaking. If this trend of dominance continues, it will escalate to a point where passionate love making becomes a rarity.

In the past, and I wrote about this in my book Little Miss Dangerous, I dated a woman for awhile, and in a short amount of time, she began hinting that she wanted to be dominated. I understood this need because she was a powerful woman in the business world. All day long, she would have to deal with men that were submissive due to her position. I wanted to give her what she had a desire for, so I went to get the guidance from professionals to execute the role of dominance correctly. For me, it was very difficult to pull off, but I did. Many times during the course, I almost broke character because humiliating and delivering pain to someone I had loving feelings for did not sit well with me. I learned to control the situation without ever going too far. However, the outcome of 50 Shades of Grey and authors jumping on the bandwagon to flood the market will have its consequences when men will not be able to execute dominance playfully and will go too far. You won’t be able to blame them for the torture and rape they perform because they were taught to believe that this is what women want. Authors need to be responsible for what they write, and if you are one, be careful, because you are about to create an entire generation of monsters. Be well aware that many women that have truly experienced a dominating male do not walk away from it unscathed. Most suffer irreversible mental, emotional and physical damage.

Allow me to put it in terms that may sink in. Do you have a young daughter? If not, do you know someone that does? How about a niece, a cousin, the darling little girl next door? How will you feel when some man, that doesn’t know any better, ties her up like a pig on a skewer, inflicts sever pain on her, humiliates her beyond words, rips hair from her head, has her gang raped, urinates on her face, and takes from her all innocence while destroying her mentally and emotionally? Do you think I’m exaggerating? Well… I’m not. Stop this insane trend from getting anymore out of control than it has already.