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Empire Publishing wants to help get books out into the public that may never see the light of day otherwise. Every two months, we offer a Free Publishing package to a deserving author. to keep us from being inundated with manuscripts, we choose a topic or genre which will be different each time. All you have to do is send us your synopsis and the first four chapters to enter the contest. One winner will be chosen and that author will receive a publishing package that includes both print and Kindle versions of his or her book. Manuscript must me under 60,000 words. We will format the interior and design the cover. Empire Publishing takes no percentage of sales, zip, nada… nothing at all. The author keeps all his or her royalties. How cool is that?

Current Contest

Topic: Zombies
With the Zombie fascination peaking, we thought it would be a good topic this time around. It can be a Zombie horror fest, Zombie comedy or Zombie romance. Whatever turns you on… so let the flesh eating begin!

Topic: Erotic Romance
Everyone is jumping on the Dom Erotica bandwagon after the success of 50 Shades of Grey. That is not what we want. We are more intersted in True Romance with erotic undertones.

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