“Steven K Craig is an author that cannot be ignored, especially when his chosen topic is Love. Grandiose, unexpected, and nearly ironic.” Journalist-Robin Postell.

Steven K Craig’s talents are that of an artist, with a unique connection to people and the foresight of things to come. Steven has never followed trends. In his early twenties, he broke down the barriers several times, sometimes not accepted by the mainstream at first, but then pushed forward to become a trendsetter for all others to follow. This began with a vision he had in the early 80’s when he co-created the now iconic musical group Slayer who paved the way for a new genre of music, and influenced many others for decades. During this time, he became highly skilled at marketing, promotion, and sales.

A few years later, Steven became involved in journalism. He saw a need for a platform to support upcoming artists promote themselves, and learn the music industry from the inside. He combined that idea with an array of hard-hitting interviews with top selling acts to garner mass sales. Steven spent two years perfecting the design as the Editor of Platinum Bound Magazine before shutting it down when the publisher attempted a takeover.

Steven utilized his management/promotional skills once again when he began racing Personal Watercraft. He set the bar when he created the first independent, and exceptionally high profile racing team that operated under his moniker (SKC Racing). Once again, Steven followed his gut feelings and handpicked a team of unknowns that all became champions. During this time, Steven found something within him that he never knew existed when he started painting the vehicles and helmets for his racers. Steven found his niche’ as an artist.

Steven moved to Lake Havasu City to be next to the water, and opened up SKC Customz where he specialized in custom paint and artwork. Within six years, he had become one of the most well known automotive artists in the country. His business grew tremendously and garnered clients from around the world. Steven won every top honor in the industry, including the House Of Kolor Prestigious Painter Award.

With the focus of the industry on him and his unique styling, artists from around the world looked to him as influential, and again, as a trendsetter. This brought Steven back to journalism. He began writing technical articles for Airbrush Action Magazine.

Once again, Steven had a vision for a much-needed platform/forum, and he created AirbrushTechLive, which was one of the first interactive digital magazines. He ran AirbrushTechLive as Editor, and wrote dozens of articles/stories for four years until the downward economy took its toll on the Custom Paint Industry.

Now, Steven has once again broken a barrier with a novel about his true-life story of love. His book “GHOST OF A ROSE” is unique and openly honest as it dives into the events of overpowering love and Narcissistic abuse. Steven says, “I have a stronger gut feeling than ever before with this project. It is not only an amazing love story, it is much more than meets the eye, a story that needs to be told because thousands suffer from Narcissistic Spousal Abuse, and they are not aware of what is happening to them. Worse yet, thousands more of unsuspecting victims are in waiting. It’s not a question of if GHOST OF A ROSE will be published, but just how far I can take it after the fact.”

Steven K Craig is in the process of writing two more books that are guaranteed major success. Against All Odds “How to survive today’s dating arena and find true love in an era of de-evolution” and The Uber Single Man’s Cookbook and Romance Guide.

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