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Critical Publishing News!

AMAZON cracks down on quality of content.

As of February 3rd all eBooks offered for Amazon Kindle that have been reported to include typos, formatting issues, or other mistakes that lead to a poor reader experience will be removed from Amazon until the mistakes in question have been fixed. Readers attempting to purchase a title that has been reported to contain errors will be confronted with a message stating “Item under Review”, and the title will not be available for purchase.

What this means for you: Professional Editing… hiring a great editor who will also do proper formatting of your eBook just became even more important. There are a variety of repercussions here, including the failure of a marketing plan if your book is taken down in the middle of a paid promotion.

However, this is good news. The market is saturated with sub-standard books which will hurt the overall marketplace. There needed to be some form of quality control and AMAZON has made that step.

This is one of many reasons why you need a publisher such as Empire Publishing to professionally produce your print and ebook. We are here for you; we want to see all of our Authors be highly successful. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any needs you may have regarding your book.

There are many bloggers posting articles about not needing a publisher any longer and that a book can quickly go into production with the click of a button. This is only true if the author has extensive knowledge in pre-publishing which includes substantial experience in pre-press layout, formatting, editing and graphic design software such as Photoshop and CorelDraw. This must be taken into consideration before production, distribution and marketing come into the equation.

Do you need a publisher? The real question should be, “Do you want to produce a high-quality book or a sub-standard product?” By using the template tools such as a cover creator and file conversion upload, what you will get is a poorly produced product, and this is what has given self-publishing such a bad reputation. An inferior product is the kiss of death for any book because book buyers can instantly identify the majority of self-published books by inferior designed covers and improper fonts and line spacing.

The interior templates offered by on-line publishers are not 100% accurate and need adjustment to format a book’s interior correctly. Print and digital books must be formatted separately. If you were to take an improperly formatted print book and then use an automatic conversion tool to create an ebook, what you end up with is a jumbled mess which will lead to a slew of bad reviews and loss of book sales.

The next question is, do you want to sell a handful of books or a substantial amount of books? A sub-standard cookie cutter book will fail. That’s a guarantee. Ninety percent of new authors assume that his or her book will automatically generate sales just by getting listed on Amazon. That ninety percent fail and do not gain sales outside of friends, family and a few that are picked up through social media promotions.

Empire Publishing has over 30 years experience in all aspects of publishing and has put in countless hours to build a better publishing company. Publishing packages have been created to meet the needs of any author by combining the old traditional book publishing criterion with modern technology to produce a high-quality product that will sell.

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